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Ethical Investment

Ethical Investing allows you to decide how your money is managed, focusing on organisations that make a difference in the areas that are important to you e.g.

  • Armaments
  • Pornography (Production)
  • Human Rights
  • Environmental Management and Technology
  • Animal Testing (Non-Medical)
  • Tobacco (Production)
  • The Environment (Negative Impact)
  • Gambling Issues
  • Alcohol (Production)
  • Nuclear Power

At its core ‘Ethical Investment is a range of investment styles which go beyond simple financial returns to incorporate a client’s ethical, social and environmental values into the investment process. This area is also often referred to as Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI).

As the UK ethical market has grown, the range of styles and approaches to investment has developed too. Although avoidance remains an important element, today’s funds are more focused on following broader themes such as engaging with companies to encourage better environmental, social or governance standards.

Where the emphasis is placed between the positive and negative characteristics depends upon the style of investment concerned and the ethical policies the fund manager chooses to use.

We will complete a questionnaire which has been carefully designed to identify the portfolio that best matches your values

We have ethical portfolios available, which collectively aim to offer a cross-section of the entire (regulated) ethical SRI market.

There are 10 risk graded portfolio’s available for each ethical profile to align with your individual tolerance for risk and capacity for loss.

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